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Advance Lettings prides itself on a level of service and commitment that is second to none. This is achieved via investment in training, procedures, and practices. Our excellent reputation is maintained by our attention to detail and professionalism.


We specialise in all aspects of property management and lettings, this gives us the ability to provide the highest levels of professional care to landlords, tenants and their property.


Homeowners and investors have many demands placed on their time; and as such do not often have the time available to manage their properties effectively. Full management is the cost-effective way to ensure the smooth running of the tenancy, while protecting the property. Landlords, who live close may wish to manage the property themselves, whichever is best for you Advance Lettings can help.

Advance Lettings can deal with all maintenance from fixing a dripping tap to complete refurbishment. We use a range of contractors – all qualified craft and tradesmen- under strict supervision. Advance Lettings are on call for a large part of everyday to deal with any emergency.


Condition of the property: Homes to be let must be in a good state of repair; our consultants can offer advice on any work that may be required. The nicer the home the quicker it can be let. These works should be finished before viewings are arranged for prospective tenants.

A property which is decorated and maintained to a high standard will not only achieve a higher rental figure but is likely to be maintained better by a higher caliber of tenant.

Appliances: All appliances such as cooker, washing machine, heating systems, etc… should be in good working order, serviced and clean. If the property is empty then the fridge/freezer should be defrosted and open.

Service contracts: especially for heating systems, are strongly recommended as they can avoid potential headaches and costs. Heating systems – whatever their type – should be in good working order and there should be full information supplied.

Gardens: Landlords are expected to leave a lawnmower and tools as necessary. Tenants are responsible for keeping the garden tidy although they should not be expected to be keen gardeners. It may be worth considering a gardener for large or special gardens.


Electricity and Gas: Landlords must notify these utilities to arrange a closing account before vacating their property. Advance Lettings will arrange for meters to be read and the accounts transferred into the tenants name. Service should not be disconnected as this can cause problems in cold weather and delays with re-connection.

Telephone: Landlords should request a closing account before leaving the property. Tenants are required to make their own application for telephone reconnection.

Water: Water and sewage rates are the responsibility of the tenant. Advance Lettings will transfer the account names. All metered charges are also to be paid by the tenant.

Leasehold Property: The individual or company responsible for managing leasehold property should be informed and arrangements made for payments of maintenance and ground rent.

Keys: There should be sufficient front door keys for each tenant and Advance Lettings. Any other keys associated with the property should be inside and clearly marked. We code all keys in our possession for security.

Burglar Alarms: It is crucial that any security system should come complete with all instructions and codes. Any other relevant information, such as 24 hour call out number, should be provided.


Advance Lettings let properties in both states; the legal obligations of the of the landlord are the same whichever option is taken.

It is up to the landlord to decide which option is most viable; demand is fairly similar for both choices. Our lettings consultants will be able to advise which is most suitable for your type of property.

In an unfurnished property, there should be carpets, curtains, light fittings, fitted kitchen (including cooker) and fitted bathrooms. These are the bare minimum for an unfurnished let.

For a furnished property, landlords are advised to give tenants the sort of furniture they will need. For example, a three-piece suite, table and chairs, beds, wardrobes and storage. Please ask for more information from our consultants.


Fully Managed 12% (inc VAT)
Set up fee 2 weeks rent (inc VAT)
Example £500.00 rent × 12 ÷ 52 × 2 = £230.77


The complete service – it is very time consuming to look after your let property. At Advance Lettings we can do all this for you, we will provide a range of functions which ensure the smooth running of your tenancy.

All problems are dealt with by your property manager who will arrange repairs, keep costs in check, and follow up on progress.

Leaving your property in safe hands means that if you do not have the time to devote to the tenancy – it will be maintained for you. This option is the cost effective way to let your property.

All landlords receive their rent payments promptly and are kept advised of any developments and problems.

Your property manager will make regular inspections of the property and report back to you on any problems or suggestions for improvement.

Advice: Advance Lettings experienced lettings consultants will visit your property and conduct a professional rental assessment, taking into account location, size, condition and the demand for that type of home.

The consultant will be on hand to discuss the rent that you hope to achieve, and other preferences such as children, pets, smoker’s etc… The rent quoted will be the appropriate market rent for the property.

Advance Lettings will offer advice on landlords responsibilities when a property is let. If the property is mortgaged then the lender will need to be informed as they may wish to see the tenancy agreement.

Marketing: Professional marketing is a cornerstone to success. We use every appropriate method to market your property. We advertise extensively with the local press using both classified and property sections.

We have a strong internet presence and advertise on many portals including Right Move.

Viewings: Advance Lettings consultants often view a property with a prospective tenant in mind, using their experience to match home to tenant/tenant to property. We have good links with local employers who are often relocating staff.

Prospective tenants are met at the property so they can view the local area and once there shown around by one of the Advance Lettings consultants. Under no circumstances are tenants allowed to take keys and view the property on their own. If the property is occupied we liaise with the current tenants to arrange viewings.

References and Guarantors: All applicants are extensively referenced and a credit check is carried out. In certain circumstances a guarantor is required and appropriate checks will be made. This allows us to be certain of the quality of the prospective tenants.

Inventories & Schedules of Condition: Before the tenant moves in we can arrange to carry out an inventory for the property and check the condition of the fixtures and fittings. Since the implementation of the tenancy deposit scheme landlords are strongly advised that an inventory is prepared for the property. You will need this in the event of a dispute as all of the tenancy deposit schemes will favour the tenant should one not be available.

The document is vital in preventing differences of opinion at the end of the tenancy. We strongly recommend that one be produced.

The Tenancy Agreement: The tenancy agreement is produced to comply with the various Housing Acts. This ensures, to the best of our ability, the tenancy will run smoothly and with a minimum of fuss.

Maintenance: We will always contact you before any major (over £200) repair or maintenance is carried out. Advance Lettings contractors can cover general maintenance of your property, if you so wish, and where necessary undertake any specialist care or repair. If you have any work under guarantee please advise us. In an emergency we will take appropriate action and advise as soon as possible.

AT THE END OF THE TENANCY: (Full Management Only)

Advance Lettings will advise both parties that the tenancy is due to expire. We can arrange to renew the agreement or to issue notices (housing Act 1988).

Your property manager will conduct a check out inspection and advise of any repairs or refurbishment that is required.

We will then actively remarket your property for another period of successful letting.


Set up Fee 2.5 weeks rent (inc VAT)
Example £500.00 rent × 12 ÷ 52 × 2.5 = £288.46

This service allows landlords to draw upon Advance Lettings extensive marketing knowledge and placement.

Advance Lettings will carry out all the advertising and applicant selection processes, prepare the Tenancy, and take receipt of the initial rent and deposit before handing over to the landlord for the duration of the tenancy.


  • Free market Appraisal
  • Agree Market rent
  • Market and Advertise on relevant portals
  • Collect and remit initial month’s rent received
  • Advise on any improvements required
  • Provide Guidance on compliance and statutory provisions and letting consents
  • Accompany all viewings
  • Prepare Tenancy Agreement
  • Lodge deposit with DPS


Renewal Fee (Landlord Share): £75.00 (Inc VAT)


  • Landlord and Tenant negotiation
  • Updated Tenancy Agreement

Copying Documents: £15.00 (Inc VAT)


  • Cost of copying tenancy agreements and inventories

REPAIRS: 10% (Inc VAT) of net Invoices

  • Arranging Access and assessing costs with contractors
  • Ensuring work has been carried out in accordance with the specification of works
  • Retaining any warranty or guarantees as a result of any works

COURT ATTENDANCE: £60.00 per half day


  • Arranging access and assessing costs with contractor
  • Ensuring work has been carried out in accordance with the specifications of works
  • Retaining any warranty or guarantee as a result of any works


For mortgage purposes etc… £75.00 per property, refundable from 1st months commission.


  Unfurnished Fully Furnished
Studios £55.00 £65.00
1 Bed £60.00 £70.00
2 Bed £75.00 £85.00
3 Bed 1 Reception £95.00 £105.00
3 Bed 2 Reception £100.00 £110.00
Each room thereafter £20.00 £30.00

Advance will automatically arrange for an inventory to be carried out, unless instructed otherwise by the Landlord in writing.

Please note:

Advance Lettings hold client money protection insurance with CMP and we also operate a separate client account which is ring fenced with Natwest.

Advance Lettings lodge all deposit with the Custodial Scheme of the DPS (Deposit Protection Service).